Home of the professionally hand made oricas all holographic all the time.


Over 669 Different oricas to choose from and growing!
These cards are not tournament legal and are for fun and collecting purposes only. but can be used as tokens in a major tournaments. thank you

Why our cards are top of the line

  • We only use real holographic yugioh cards super and secret
  • We only use the highest quaility materials to make our oricas
  • We have invented new methods and stringent r&d to have increasingly better products all the time.  we never stop learning and improving. 
  • Very strict quaility control all products are inspected before shipping.
  • We are the only one that offers full orica decks no one else does. From the spell and trap cards you need to the extra deck and side deck we can provide it all. and if we don't have it avaiable we will soon as are design team is always making new cards.
  • We do super personalized and 1 off customs for anyone at great prices.
  • Great customer service please feel free to drop us a line. We love to hear from you. If it's not right well make it right gauranteed. 
  • We have the highest quaility oricas on the market at the best price hands down.